The Legend of Maya and Christopher – A Zelda Themed Wedding

Many of us grew up playing “The Legend of Zelda” on any one of many iterations of the Nintendo gaming system, so when I heard Maya and Christopher were having a Zelda themed wedding, I couldn’t help but be curious! While the bride kept it traditional with a stunning white gown, the groom and his groomsmen donned grey suits with “Link” green accents. The wedding party walked down the isle to the Hyrule canon, while Maya and her father entered the ceremony to Zelda’s theme. It was a beautiful ceremony complete with a gorgeous floral arch and a Triforce centerpiece that was referenced as the balance required in a relationship that lasts.

The wedding cake was a spectacular sight, built as though a sword had slashed out a chunk of it, with a crystalized red interior. The table around the cake was adorned with rupees, the official currency of Hyrule.  Guests of the wedding were treated to gaming themed wedding favors before enjoying a delicious meal prepared by the lovely staff at the Marina City Club.

The whole day went smoothly as friends, family and guests celebrated Maya and Christopher’s love for one another.  The biggest hiccup in the day was when Grandma answered the phone in the middle of the ceremony to give a late-arriving nephew directions to the Marina City Club.  We helped grandma from her seat to the foyer where she successfully met her lost kin before leading them back to the wedding. Guests danced late into the evening, long after the bride kicked off her heels to dance with her husband and bridesmaids on the dance floor.  And like the eternal connection between Link and Zelda in “The Legend of Zelda,” we know they will love and find balance in each other for always.

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