Family to the Rescue

As a Wedding and Event Planer, I often find myself challenged with “how I can I possibly get all of this done in the little amount of time I have available the day of the event?”

But one day, when I was multi-tasking across building a wedding arch (last minute add on from the bride), rehearsing with the flower girls, assisting with the table setup and placing out 100 chairs for the ceremony, I realized, there are close family, friends and co-workers all there early for the bride and groom, or the birthday girl, or whatever we’re celebrating.

Those people are there, and although you’d never know, they’re always so happy to lend a hand!

While you wouldn’t want these people coordinating your entire event (you’d prefer they have a good time), the people who are at a wedding or event early are usually the people with the most vested in in (a parent of the groom, a bridesmaid, an HR person handling the company Christmas party, etc…).

These people always have an interest in helping you succeed.

So the next time you are on a party, wedding or other event, consider those closest to you and the event as a resource for success.

Even if you are a DIY-er trying to make it all happen on your own, including the people you care about in your big moment is not only helpful for you, but enjoyable for them.

It also shows that you value overall success of the event over your personal pride of being able to do it all on your own. 

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