Dessert & Charcuterie Stations

Put down the cheese knife and get to enjoying your party! From elegant charcuterie tables to delicious dessert stations, we’ll have your guests coming back for seconds.

Dessert & Charcuterie Stations We Offer

If your guests enjoy cheese, and we’re betting they do, our Charcuterie packages are perfect for your celebration! We offer different size packages to best suit both your preferred flavors and guest count. Elegantly displayed on beautiful slates or trays, or directly on covered tables, these tasty setups are perfect for welcome snacks or cocktail hour grazing stations.

Dessert Buffets are the big new thing for Weddings and Events! Our delectable dessert tables are a treat for both the eyes and the tastebuds! From towers of sweet bites to DIY candy bags, these beautiful setups will satisfy your guests sweet tooth and gear them up for a night of dancing!

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Candy & Dessert Station

Custom Dessert Tables Designed to Dazzle Your Eyes & Taste Buds

Charcuterie Station

Delicious and savory charcuterie stations