Patty and Bob & Their Birthday Wedding

It’s obvious Patty and Bob were meant for each other!  Outside of the way they look at each other, smiles galore and a comfort that says “we belong together,” they also share the same birthday!  So to give themselves the ultimate b-day present, they threw their beautiful wedding the day after their birthday!  Talk about a reason to celebrate each year!

Patty was the most relaxed and easy going bride we’ve had the pleasure of working with.  It was a family affair with the bride and groom’s parents helping out on the day of as we setup down in Fullerton.  Creative Happens Coordinators Dan & Chris were on site to make sure the vendors and venue were on-schedule, while helping with decorations and seating arrangements. It was a hot day, but it settled into a perfect summer evening as guests started to arrive.

As Dan oversaw the vendors and the bride, groom and officiant prep, Chris was on standby at the front entrance of the venue to help guests with gift placement, finding the ceremony, and answering any questions.  Later in the evening, his goal was to help guests with directions, finding their receptions seats and helping with wedding favors.

The space was decorated with candles and carried a joint Mexican / Irish theme.  The couple did a “Black and Tan” Beer Ritual, combining a dark Irish Beer and a lighter Mexican Beer to signify the joining of their love and culture.  It was a fun addition to their wonderful day!

The evening went on to be a lovely success, with the love-birds ringing in their new marriage with a Mariachi band, followed by a ton of dancing, cake cutting and lots and lots of deserts!  We’ve never seen a bride have so much fun on the dance floor!  Moments like those make our jobs the best in the world!

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