The Couple’s Guide to Drinking on Your Wedding Day

It’s your wedding day! There is alcohol….everywhere! What are some safe steps to take to make sure you have fun while getting ready and during your big day, while making sure you don’t go overboard? After all, we want some of the memories from the day to be our own, not just from photographs.

  • Note – these ideas work for all types of events!

Step 1. Mentally Prepare
Weddings and “Open Bar” are synchronous terms when it comes to weddings and other big events. It’s easy to want to take advantage and enjoy what you are paying for, but is it worth going overboard? Set a high bar for the day, say “only one champagne allowed before the ceremony or first dance, then I can drink more after….” That way, if you slip and do more than one drink, you’ll be more aware and prepared to cut yourself off prior to the ceremony. Don’t overthink it if you can, you still want to have fun, just make sure you’re taking it easy early on so you can enjoy your special moments.

Step 2. It’s OK to say No
Shots while getting ready? Champagne in the Bridal Suite? Someone gift you a bottle of tequila? Awesome! But remember that it’s OK to enjoy some now and some later. Groomsmen may be like “shots for the groom!” And one shot is totally fine, but be sure to pace yourself, particularly early in the evening! People will be bringing you drinks all night, and if you’re starting to feel it too much, it is OK to say no. It’s also OK to give a friend or family member permission to give you a heads up if you are too far too soon on your special day.

Step 3. Discuss With Your Partner
Prior to your wedding (or if you are co-hosting a party) discuss what alcohol means to you and your important event. Alcohol is synonymous with celebrations, and you want to be sure the two of you understand what that means to each other. If you both love to drink and know you can handle it, discuss that with each other and let each other know how you’ll feel if you get drunk with friends prior to any special moments throughout the day. Your favorite cocktail will be there tomorrow, your wedding day is only once.

Step 4. Alternate Alcohol and Non-Alcohol
Alternate your alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages. Too cool for water? Get a soda water with lime. Looks like a cocktail, but you’re actually hydrating and still having fun!

Step 5. No Shame
It’s easy to feel bad about getting drunk, or someone else getting too drunk at your wedding or event. Remember that it is easier to get angry and let someone else ruin your evening. Unless you are the Bride and Groom saying your vows or doing your first dance, allow yourself the freedom to laugh with and enjoy guests that may be tipsy. If they get too drunk, ask your Bartenders, Coordinator, Planner or Venue contact for advice. They mask other family or friends to assist, or ask the person to leave. Either way, it’s your special day, have fun with it, but know that you can’t control other people, you can only control yourself and your goal to enjoy a beautiful day.

Hopefully some of these ideas help you and your loved ones prepare for a spectacular celebration!

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