The 2020 on 2020 — What a Time to Celebrate

You’ve probably been wondering where we’ve been. Or maybe you haven’t. But in case you have, we’ve been doing the same thing you have…dealing with 2020. What a year so far! We’ve been working closely with many of our clients to postpone their weddings to later dates when they can celebrate with friends and family in a safe, exciting environment without worry. Like our clients, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed, hope for the best, and do our part to contribute to the safety and well being of all. As an events business, we’re hurting a lot right now, and we also feel for our clients who’ve had to postpone or cancel their dream weddings. But with the responsibility of creating the best of life’s moments, also comes the responsibility for knowing when to protect them, and right now is the time to stay safe and healthy, for ourselves and the ones we love. We hope you all feel the same way, and are finding ways to stay entertained these interesting days.

Quarantine has been interesting to say the least, we’d walk twenty miles just to spend some time with friends and loved ones, or maybe to get a glass of wine. But I digress. So what are we doing with this extra quarantine time we have? The same thing we always do! We’re planning amazing weddings! We have lots of clients that need our help with postponement, but we also have a lot of clients holding their breath for good news that their weddings later in the year will be good to go, and we sure do agree with them! From finding them the best venues to securing quality vendors, planning gorgeous florals and decor and creating the perfect timeline, we’ve been keeping quite busy alongside our clients, knowing that when all of this passes, and the world starts to heal, we’ll be ready to celebrate in style with all of their loved ones in attendance.

To remind all of our readers and clients what they have to look forward to, postponed wedding or if dealing with upcoming uncertainty, here are some fabulous photos from the past year to give you ideas, hope and hopefully, a smile =) Weddings will be back, and we’ll be there to make them happen!

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