Family is Everything – Our First Bangladeshi Wedding!

Tanzia & Tamzid’s Gorgeous Wedding at the Loews Coronado

One of our favorite things about working on weddings in Southern California is the wide variety of events that feature specific cultural traditions and special ceremonies that bring us closer to our clients and their special day.  For Tamzid and Tanzia’s big day, we learned so much about the traditional Bangladeshi wedding ceremonies, the reception processions, the special moments the couple share together in front of their guests, and the importance for recognition of family and friends in their vows to one another.

With over 400 guests in attendance, this was one of the largest wedding receptions we’ve done, and there was no design item left to chance, as the gorgeous ballroom at the Loews Coronado was transformed into a palace of color, with stunning centerpieces across the room and a stage that sparkled from across the room, complete with Victorian ceremony furniture, twinkling lights and a chandelier.

Our biggest learning-curve for our first Bangladeshi wedding was the energy that the guests brought to the event!  There were no silent moments as the Bride and Groom performed their ceremony, but rather boisterous conversation, cheers and more photos than one could ever count.  It was an afternoon of family, friends, food and fun.  

The traditional Bangladeshi wardrobe left us in awe as the couple, their family and friends stunned in colorful garb that stated tradition while giving a unique life and energy to space and the ceremony.

We learned so much from Coordinating Tamzid and Tanzi’a big day, and we feel more prepared than ever for the upcoming Indian and Bangladeshi weddings we have scheduled this summer!

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