A Wedding Party for a Wedding Party!

A 20 Person Wedding Party Always Means a Good Time!

I knew from the start Christine and Dave were going to be fun to work with.  They both have wonderful, kind personalities, and you could tell when you met their wedding party, they would do just about anything for their amazing friends.  And when I say I met their wedding party, I mean all 20 of them!  There are so many pros and some cons of having a big wedding party.  For Christine and Dave, it was a blessing, cause not only was their Wedding Party helpful, they were also FUN!

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Some Pros

  1. Big Wedding Parties are going to be a LOT more fun on the dance floor.
  2. You have a bunch of help on your wedding day.  This is always helpful, especially for DIY weddings with lots of setup and decorations.
  3. Your closest family and friends get to celebrate with you in a very special way.

Some Cons

  1. It is a lot of work to get 20 people together for a wedding rehearsal, never mind to keep their attention during it. Your Planner or Coordinator usually has their work cutout trying to keep everyone on task for the ceremony.
  2. With more people, there is a higher risk of someone flaking or backing out.  You need to be prepared for this just-in-case.
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So while there are some cons to having a big wedding party, the pros definitely outweigh them.  You know your family and friends the best, so choose wisely, and you’ll have the best day ever celebrating with the people you love.  Just ask Christine and Dave, who’s gorgeous wedding ceremony led to an evening of dancing, laughter and lots of love! And just cause, here are some gorgeous photos of Christine and Dave celebrating their big day!

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