Couples, Clients, and Communication

The other day I was at a networking event speaking with another Wedding Planner when I told her, “yeah, we now have over 40 weddings and 10 professional events lined up!” Her look of amazement confused me, sure enough, someone as established as her must have tons of weddings and events lined up! She looked at me and asked, “what’s your secret?! You must be working 24 hours a day!” My response was “Maybe 22 hours a day, but I love it! I work with an amazing team of Coordinators who aim to impress with every one of our clients.”

So how have we closed over 50 new clients in just our first 6 months of business? It’s called COMMUNICATION!

Planning a wedding or event is time consuming and stressful. From the moment a bride/groom/client shows interest to the moment the event is over, we practice non-stop, positive communication so they know that we are on it and that their event is in good hands. I often get looks for being on my phone too much, but the truth is I am responding to emails. People like quick responses, it’s one item checked off the list, and we enjoy helping them feel that relief when something is taken care of.

As a Wedding and Event Planner, I am always reaching out to other vendors, and it always wows me when they don’t respond for days at a time. A few hours is all it takes for a client to find a vendor that is faster to respond. And as a vendor, I like to recommend vendors who reply quickly as well, it makes me look good, and I tend to refer people who make me and the client feel confident.

So to my future clients, feel free to call me, send me a text or email, I love the sound of a client related “ding” on my phone! Let’s communicate our way to a perfect event! To my fellow professionals, take just 10 minutes at the start and end of each day to get back to your clients, you’ll be amazed how far a quick “I’m on it” will go!

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