“So, My Mom’s Friend…” A Pros & Cons Look at Letting Friends Coordinate Your Wedding

All Wedding & Event Planners at one time or another hear the infamous phrase “we decided to let our family friend or relative coordinate the day of our wedding.”  Oh the mercy of it all, why would you do that to a family member or friend?  Here’s a look at the “pro” (singular intentional) and cons (plural intentional) of hiring family or friends to run one of the most important days of your life.

PRO – It’s cheap!  They save you money, which makes you feel good – and they feel good helping you out! It’s almost worth it.  Almost.

CONS – Let’s switch over to a numbered list here.

  1. Versatility. Most people think a Wedding or Event Planner is only the “big bucks plan my event from scratch” type of role.  This is far from the case, we do everything from presenting ideas, budgets and vendor info, to literally coming-onboard a day before your wedding to coordinate your schedule. vendors and wedding party. We are versatile, familiar and ready to take on every type of event.
  2. Mediocre Moments. Your friend or family is (most likely) not an event professional.  Event Professionals (Planners, Coordinators, Photographers, DJs, etc…), all understand the art of making your event “POP.”  While your mom’s cousin might be helping to put out the dessert table, your Coordinator is making sure problems are being taken care of before they happen.  Bet your Aunt Betsy didn’t know how important it was to do the cake cutting AFTER the first dance (cause you know that cake is going everywhere). 
  3. They Get that Lonely Feeling! Don’t you want your family member or close friend to have as good a time as your other guests?  When they’re on the sideline watching their family and friends having a great time, they’re not necessarily keeping in mind the next steps in the schedule and what to do with drunk Uncle Jerry, all while handling the vendors and making sure the bride and groom haven’t got a clue that the cake was delivered to the wrong venue across town and that you’re pulling magical strings to make sure it arrives on time.
  4. Wedding & Event Planners Save You Money.  Event professionals know the best way to save money across every step of your wedding or event planning process.  From cross-promotional vendor discounts to knowing where and when to get the best bang for your budget, an Event Planner is the best investment you can make in saving money. 
  5. Problems? What Problems? When difficult situations do arise, your Wedding and/or Event Planner is experienced and prepared to take the proper steps to ensure a smooth and exciting day for everyone.  Whether it’s coming up with solutions on the fly (what to do when a vendor doesn’t show up or if someone takes a tumble), to calling a cab for that one family member who can’t hold their liquor, your Planner has you covered. 

So yes, if you have a super-event-planning genius for a cousin, go for it, save the dollars and spend an extra day in Bora Bora on your honeymoon, we wouldn’t blame you!  But if you’re looking for someone confident, prepared and ready to plan and/or coordinate the event of your dreams. well, we’re ready for you!

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