Pampered Wedding Planning

Designed for the discerning couple who are looking to receive the finest and most extensive planning services.

$7,800 starting

Our Pampered Wedding Planning is everything in our Full Planning Package, reimagined with the following added services:

  • In-Person Consultation over dinner & champagne to kick off planning process
  • Bridal Dress consultation and dress shop referrals
  • Planner attendance at 2 Bridal dress shopping experiences
  • Groom and Groomsmen Tux or Suit rental or purchase referrals
  • On-Site visit with couple to Florist Shop to discuss best floral samples and options
  • Planner attendance at 1 Groom tux or suit fitting for assistance and feedback
  • Up to $300 of Creative Happens Luxury Décor Rentals included
  • Bridal Assistant the day of the wedding from Hair and Makeup kickoff through end of ceremony to see to the needs of the Bride and Bridesmaids