Fun, Fabulous Flowers!

DIY or Professional Florist – That is the Question!

It happened! You are part of the “Engaged Couples” club!  You have a date in mind and it’s time to get started with the Wedding Planning.  The first step, BUDGET.  Choosing a budget and deciding which elements of your wedding are priority over others can be a daunting task.  If the decorative elements of your big day, including flowers, are very important to you, you’ll want to set aside a fair amount of your décor budget towards creating the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of.

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Wedding Flowers can often add up very quicky, especially if you have a taste for fine flowers, such as Orchids or Peonies.  As the numbers add up it doesn’t take long to ask the other big question, “can I do this myself?”  Of course, you can!  But before you start watching videos on how to make bridal bouquets, take a step back and consider the pros and cons of DIY versus hiring a professional Florist.



  • They save you time and effort (you have plenty of other things going on the week of your wedding).
  • They may cost more, but you are guaranteed to have a quality product. Just be sure to check their reviews and communicate your special floral goals for the big day.


  • Price! While there are some very affordable and talented Wedding and Event Florists around, it will usually still cost less to do it yourself.



  • Saving Money! Going to a Flower Market or Flower Wholesale shop will undoubtedly save you money as you are not paying for the Florist labor to do these things for you.
  • It’s a great activity to perform with your family and friends, and a great way to make memories!
  • You build something to be proud of while sticking to your budget. But be sure to practice so you’re not stressing the day before your wedding trying to figure it out!


  • It’s very time consuming. While saving money is great, it takes up a lot more of your precious wedding week time that you could be spending with loved ones. A way to avoid this is dried flowers, which you can prep well in advance of the big day.
  • Overall quality. If you are going for simple and elegant, DIY could work well for you!  If you are looking for complex arrangements with lots of color and unique flowers, it may be best to leave it to the Pros.  All flowers behave differently when arranged and a professional Florist is going to know how to best create beautiful arrangements based on the colors, features, and styles of the flowers you are going for.    

To recap, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to wedding flowers.  Take your time to really think through the pros and cons of having a professional arrange for you versus doing it yourself.  Either way, the most important element to preparing flowers for your wedding day is to have fun!  Whether you are putting everything together yourself, or sharing ideas with your Florist, remember that your wedding day is a once in a lifetime celebration, and no matter which direction you go in, it will be perfect for the two of you. After all, while the flowers are gorgeous, everyone is really there to celebrate with you and your loved ones!

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